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Regional Secure

Our regional secure product is available as an add on for Fibre Broadband.

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Regional Secure Features:

  • Bandwidth available from 10Mb up to 1Gb
  • Symmetrical service – no longer constrained by poor upload speeds
  • Premium Service Level Agreement (SLA) to give you peace of mind
  • Scalable, cost-effective connections for business
  • Nationwide coverage to urban and rural locations.

Visibility and Control:

  • Detect application usage
  • Identify user activity
  • Recieve usage reports showing: Top applications/programmes on the network
  • Altitude live traffic analysis
  • Optimise bandwidth by prioritising business critical applications
Regional Secure
  • Add on to Biz Fibre Package
  • Powered by Palo Alto
  • Blocks Malware
  • Anti-Virus included
  • Warns of potentially malicious webpages
  • Risk Reports
  • Price Excludes VAT

What people say

Shmengelbert Shmumperdinck
Source: Facebook

“ After years of searching for a company that could deliver on its promises we finally found Regional Broadband. The installation was completed by Neil who was fantastic and everything was organised by Michael who was courteous, professional and friendly. We couldn't be happier, thanks a million. ”

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