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How Mesh Systems Can Solve Your Broadband Signal Issues At Home.

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Having issues with Broadband Signal in your Home?

Working from home, having video calls with friends and getting a smart TV for your bedroom sound great in theory. But they have one potential limitation: Wi-Fi signal strength and range. Staying online without interruption is a necessity for many people throughout Ireland. 

Working from home has never been more popular. If your new home office is too far from a wireless signal, or you want to walk around the house during a video call for increased flexibility, keep in mind that your device could experience range issues. These are internet problems that can easily be resolved. 

So what are Mesh Systems?

Mesh WiFi networks consist of a main, high power router that connects directly to your modem and satellite nodes for full WiFi coverage across your home. All these nodes are part of the same network and share the burden of providing signal strength around that area. This is unlike traditional WiFi routers in many aspects.

The difference between a Mesh system and your average extender is that while your extender only rebroadcasts the same signal from your router, a mesh system on the other hand combines together its nodes to ensure all of your home is at full connection. 

Wi-Fi Signal can reach both extenders and mesh networks.

What’s the difference between Mesh Systems and WiFi boosters?

When moving through your home with a booster, it uses a separate network so your device will have to connect to the booster when you hit that area in your home. This sounds great but no one likes to have to go into the settings and change anything. You want to have the freedom to move from room to room depending on how big your house may be. On the other hand with mesh systems that are installed by Regional Broadband, they stay on the current network so moving from room to room won’t be an issue anymore, you will have full internet strength while being able to roam around your house freely.

Broadband extenders do help with connectivity in some cases, but they often come with drawbacks, like decreased Wi-Fi range or even network downfalls.

Mesh systems won’t have that kind of problem; they send your network’s signal across a series of different nodes that carry that same strength. 

Both mesh systems and boosters will increase the range of your Wi-Fi.

However, only mesh networks allow you to scale the Wi-Fi range without affecting performance. The difference lies within mesh networks.

What are the Advantages of Mesh Wi-Fi Systems?

Mesh Wi-Fi systems are the best way to get wireless internet in your home. They offer a number of advantages that cannot be found in traditional wired or even wireless networks. This article will provide you with an overview of some of the most important benefits of this new technology.

1) Security

Mesh networks are safer than traditional wired networks because they’re not built on the same infrastructure that hackers typically exploit. A hacker would need to break into every device on your network instead of just one, which is much more difficult to do.

2) Connectivity

If you have a large house, mesh Wi-Fi systems can help keep connections stable around corners and through walls for all your devices, including TVs and game consoles.

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