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How to Choose the Best Business Broadband

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Broadband is one of the most essential services in today’s business world. Wherever your office is, it is crucial to be connected with a reliable service. Broadband is usually advertised based on bandwidth, but that isn’t the only consideration. So when it comes to finding a business broadband package that meets your requirements, you’ll need to consider data limits, the purpose of the broadband, the number of users as well as support, security and resilience. Here are some tips to ensure you choose the best broadband for your business.


The first consideration when choosing broadband for your business is your bandwidth requirement. In basic terms how much you are likely to download and upload each month. Your usage will depend on factors such as how many staff will use the connection, whether you provide free WiFi for visitors and what type of information is being uploaded and downloaded. E-mail and text based downloads will require small amounts whereas images, voice and video will require a lot more. Broadband is generally advertised based on the the download and upload speeds measured in megabits per second Mb, or gigabits per second Gb.


Another question to ask is whether there is a data limit after which you will have to pay if you download more? This can work out very expensive if you are going over the allocated amount each month. It is worth making sure the package you have chosen makes financial sense in the long run.


Another consideration is downtime – can your business survive if broadband is down for an hour or a day? Some business broadband offers resilience measures such as a backup broadband connection if there is an issue with the primary connection. This can be crucial in many businesses where you simply cannot be without an internet connection.


Are you using VoIP for your phone service? VoIP or voice over internet protocol enables your business to make low-cost or free calls over the internet to anywhere in the world. Reliable broadband is key if you are. If your business uses video conferencing, you will require fast download and upload speeds to ensure reliable service. Many companies now use cloud-based applications such as Microsoft Office or Google Docs for their business on a daily basis, this requires adequate bandwidth and resilience.


Another question you need to ask:- Is there support at the end of the phone line? Excellent support is necessary for businesses so you have peace of mind if there is an issue with your connection.


It is also worth considering if your broadband provider offers security add ons. Cyber security is becoming more and more important for all businesses no matter how big or small.

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