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The Complete Guide to the Best Business Broadband in Ireland

The Complete Guide to the Best Business Broadband in Ireland

Business Broadband is a high-speed Internet service that provides a reliable connection to the internet. There are many benefits available for businesses when choosing a business broadband plan, but connectivity is the number one priority. At Regional Broadband, our business broadband packages are designed for businesses and professionals who need a reliable connection to the internet. Our business plans are perfect for both professionals working from home, small businesses and large companies.

Standard Business Broadband is an affordable option for companies with fewer than 10 employees in Ireland. It typically includes a phone line and can be purchased from Regional Broadband with ease. This broadband is fast, allowing large documents to be downloaded in seconds. All for a low fee.

Fibre broadband is an incredibly fast type of broadband. While the majority of broadband connections in Ireland use mobile networks or telephone lines, fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables to carry data at extremely high speeds. A fibre optic cable is thinner than a human hair and is available to many properties throughout Ireland!

Regional Broadband Business Broadband Can Offer You …

Bandwidth available from 10Mb up to 1Gb
Symmetrical service – no longer constrained by poor upload speeds
Premium Service Level Agreement (SLA) to give you peace of mind
Scalable, cost-effective connections for business
Nationwide coverage to urban and rural locations.

Benefits of Having a Fast & Reliable Business Broadband Connection

Fast and reliable broadband is the backbone of any modern business in Ireland. It’s the foundation for all wireless communication, and it’s an essential tool for business owners to stay connected with their customers and suppliers.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a broadband service provider is what type of connection you need. There are many factors that will determine your needs, such as the number of employees at your company, the amount of data you need to transfer, and whether or not you require a dedicated line from your ISP.

Broadband providers today offer different packages for different needs in order to accommodate any business size in Ireland. We provide affordable deals and bundles that include multiple services that might be necessary for your company’s success.

Fibre Broadband Improves Communication Capabilities for Modern Business

Video conferencing is a great way to make business communications easier and faster than before. If you’re currently using old methods, fibre broadband offers significant improvements in terms of data usage.

Fibre Broadband provides top-notch internet speeds. In turn, this allows businesses to use bandwidth-intensive applications such as video conferencing much more effectively. This in turn can reduce the need for business travel for meetings, and international travel, and reduce costs whilst providing a sound platform for building and sustaining business partnerships around the world with clients and business partners.

Improve Efficiency, Productivity and Reliability with Fibre Speed Broadband:

As we all know, time is money in a small business. Faster upload, download and transfer times, as well as easier document sharing, means companies can become more efficient than ever before. Company productivity also improves as a large number of users can simultaneously use the internet with little to no effect on the overall performance of the broadband connection.

This contrasts very favourably with standard ADSL broadband which hampers the productivity of larger teams.

How to Choose a Business Phone Line Provider and do I really need a landline?

When it comes to running a successful business, basic communication is absolutely critical. As the owner of a small company, you’ve got to maintain a flawless line of communication with your employees, your customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

You need to make your business as open and accessible as possible – and even in 2022, one of the best ways to achieve this is to make sure that anyone and everyone can reach your business by telephone. If you’re running a fairly small business, that can often be a problem if you are so busy. Finding an adaptable solution for your business is critical.

Choosing a business phone line provider is not always an easy task. There are many providers in the Irish market, and each of them has their own set of benefits. So, how do you choose the best provider? You can start by looking at your phone line requirements and estimating your usage on a monthly basis. If you have a busy customer call centre, your requirements will be very different from a tradesman. Phone packages are often more affordable when combined with your internet provider.

Although we’re living in a brave new world of online shopping and online communication, telephone numbers still play a crucial role in Irish business. If you want your clients, potential customers and members of the public to contact you, you need to give them every opportunity to reach you – which typically means displaying a business landline telephone number on your website, official company stationery, business vehicles, premises, and all marketing material. By displaying a mobile telephone number, you are inadvertently giving a negative brand image. A location based landline adds credibility and value to your operations.

VoIP as an alternative to traditional Phone Lines

You may also consider using a newer alternative for your landline known as VoIP. VoIP phone refers to a device or program that utilises Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP technology allows the user to make voice calls over broadband internet, rather than through a traditional, analog connection. VoIP phones can look just like a traditional office desk phone.

The difference is behind the scenes. Instead of transmitting through a physical pair of copper wires, VoIP utilises an internet connection to transmit voice calls, in the form of data packets. VoIP phone systems can also be a software application or app, coined softphone, and not require desk phone hardware.

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