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Why is Regional Broadband a deal breaker?

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Are you having trouble dealing with slow internet? Speeds that just aren’t matching up as advertised? Feeling like there is no solution on the market? We are the hassle-free solution to your broadband dilemma. Our high-speed broadband can revolutionize your entertainment, gaming and working experience at home. 

Broadband Situation in Ireland

Irish homes are still struggling with poor internet connectivity with people spending almost €80 a year on mobile data on top of wifi costs.

According to research carried out by WiredScore, 92% of homes have connectivity issues and one third of people would not have moved into the home had they known about the internet problems.

Some reasons to choose Regional Broadband 

We hope to make sure you, the customer, will get all that we can possibly give with the technology we have to offer. We are committed to delivering the best value broadband Nationwide. We reach areas other providers can’t reach.

Here is just a small list of things we can provide for you

  • Regional Gigabit Fibre with download speeds of up to 1000Mbps
  • Regional Fixed Wireless with download speeds of up to 200Mbps
  • Mesh Wi-Fi installed by our specialist Engineers ensuring reliable coverage throughout your home
  • No Landline Required
  • Phone Packages available, keep your existing number
  • Unlimited Download plans
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Specialists in rural and hard to reach locations

We aren’t going to come to your homes and wave a magic wand around but what we are gonna do is offer the best of technology & offers we have so You can enjoy Your time on the Web we want to ensure You will be getting the internet speed you pay for. 

Additional options to improve your Broadband at Home

Mesh systems

Let’s look at a great example of fixing one of the many common problems with Your internet. Ever have those black spots in your homes where for some reason none of your devices can seem to reach? We have just the answer and it’s not a receiver its something much better.

Our high quality Mesh Systems aim to eliminate the problem while also giving you strong internet connection for more information between the difference between mesh & receivers check here (link to mesh blog)

Mesh Systems aim to give every area in your house the same speeds, no matter where you go with your device you will still get your desired connection with our team of engineers can also install the Mesh Wi-Fi system for you so it will save you the trouble of doing it yourself.

Of course before you buy we recommend you check out our coverage system that is on our website, it will show you depending on your location the max you can get out of our Broadband, we want you to have the best of our speeds and offers so please check it out before purchase, no phone line is required of this product.

Gigabite Fibre 

Like we said we want you to have the best speed possible and with amazing offers so here is our Gigabit Fibre with speeds of up to 1000Mb. The broadband is delivered to your premises directly through fibre optic cable. 

Gigabit internet delivers download speeds of up to 1Gbps, the equivalent of 1,000Mbps. These kinds of speeds are typically only available in locations with fibre-to-the-premises so we do recommend you check out our package to see if you are eligible. Click here to check if your area is covered.

Now with this kind of speed you can do so much for example finally fully using netflix’s 4k service or stream and download times with be significantly lowered with waiting times been a thing of the past GigaBite Fibre will bring to you greater speeds just at a little higher price, no phone line is required of this product.